Karan Cuisine

The present scion of the Bedla clan, Vijay Singh was persuaded to share the rich culinary heritage of Mewar. With the help of his wife, Sugan Kumari; they have been conducting food fests at prestigious hotels nationally and internationally, for some years. It is not only husband-wife team who are involved they are supported by the younger generation too through the involvement of daughter Nageshwari and son Karan Vijay.

“Karan cuisine is at least 200 years old. The cuisine is known in Mewar. The royal families of Jaipur and Jodhpur have always been our regular guests as when in Udaipur they have favored us with their presence and source of great encouragement. Our chefs have been called to the Lake Palace at Udaipur when dignitaries such as Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru, Queen Elizabeth II, the Shah of Iran and Jacqueline Kennedy came visiting. With the handover of the “Jagirs” the family entrusted the Bedla Palace to the government and moved to Bedla House in Udaipur. It is from here that Vijay and Sugan launched their fine dining in the year 1997. The Ta] Group of Hotels first encouraged us to share our tastes with the world. My wife is fond of cooking. She picked it up, took over the kitchen, I manage the front

The Bedlas as official hosts for the Maharanas for several generations prior to the amalgamation of Udaipur into Rajasthan not only took active interest in culinary activities but through fusion of different cuisines developed “Karan Cuisine” in particular Vijay Singh’s Great Grand father – Rao Bahadur Karan Singh, was instrumental in a great deal of refinement of the cuisine and many additions to it. Despite having numberless cooks and helpers in his service, Rao Bahadur Karan Singh enjoyed cooking with His own hands. As a tribute to his genius Vijay Singh has named his Karan Cuisine”.