The Bedla family traces its roots in Mewar (Udaipur) to the time when Rana Sanga invited the three Families of “Purabia Chauhans” to come and support with their swords in the battle against the Moghul emperor Babar at Khanua in the year 1527A.D.

The valor of the “Purabia Chauhans” descendents of the illustrious Prithvi Raj Chauhan (the last Hindu King of Delhi) was greatly valued and in appreciation one of the families was rewarded with the “Jagirs” (Estates) including those at Gangrar near Chittor Garh and at Bedla near Udaipur.

As the premier “Jagirdars” the Bedla Family has played a significant role in the affairs of the state over the centuries. Such was the faith of the Maharana that the Bedlas served as Prime Ministers, Valued Advisors and official hosts to all the dignitaries visiting Mewar as state Guests.

Having to host illustrious foreign and Indian dignitaries, allowed the Bedlas to become excellent in entertainment and food as a mere norm. The official functions at the Bedla palace became famous. Over the years they refined and improved their entertainment activities leading to tables groaning under the weight of superb culinary delights. Their cuisine kept on evolving; keeping intact the basic distinctive authenticity coupled imagination and innovation.